Thursday, December 5, 2013

Abide in God.

Like normal I am currently at Starbucks working on my blog.

Jesus says in John 15:7 "If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you."
I like one of the ways Merriam-Webster defines the word abide. They say it means to stay or live somewhere. But, sadly this definition does not even come close to defining the true meaning of abiding in God. I think the word abide means to fully have faith and trust in God.

We are going to look at Genesis 6:9-end of 7. This is the story of Noah and the Ark.

The Bible describes Noah as a righteous and the only blameless person living on the earth at the time. Let's just take a minute to chew on that, Noah was the ONLY blameless man on earth.

When God looked down at earth he was sad but not just sad He was broken hearted at the earth for how they were so corrupt and wicked. God then looked at Noah and smiled. He smiled, he smiled at Noah because he loved God. Then it says God told Noah that he is going to flood the earth. He then asked Noah to build an ark that would be 450 feet long, in his front yard let me remind you. Noah because he abided in God, was saved from the flood with his family.

The question for you to think about is can you abide whole heartedly with God?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

MercyMe has a new song

Shake by MercyMe

I am a self conscious dance normally. I mean because I know I'm a bad dancer, when I dance I have no control of my arms and legs. I am not going to lie in my mind I dance like Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever but in actuality I dance like a fish in a boiling pot of water.

In all seriousness through God doesn't care how you look when we are worshiping him. You can dance like Gene Kelly or you can dance like me but God loves us no matter what.

If you haven't danced like a fool for God yet listen to Shake by MercyMe.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Does God have caller ID?

The history of caller ID was to ignore calls from unwanted people. I am heartbroken to admit that I use caller ID and will not answer some calls from people because I have nothing to say to them. I remember people telling me that they didn’t want to answer a call from them because they were about something they did or said to or about them in the past.  

When we pray to God, it is that same as calling God on our spiritual cell phone. If you can put yourself in God shoes for a second, think about how you feel when someone calls you over and over again nonstop. Our reaction to that would be to blow them off, be made at them, get mad at them, ignore them, and in the words of one of my friends put them on the “list”. Now the difference is when we get a call we answer with an “Aw dang, now what?” or a “What does this person want now?”, but when God gets our prayers He answers first with a “Yes!!!!” then says “*Fill in your name* is calling me and wants my help.” God answers our phone calls sometimes like Yoda from the Star Wars series, but when we pray he hears us and wants to help us like any parent would.

My father is a great man. Once, he drove from Toledo to Houston in one weekend at the request of my sister. He drove a car to my sister and traded cars with her because her car did not pass the state inspection of Texas. If you ever called my dad for help he would not stop until the problem was fixed.

A father wants to hear the voice of his children. I know when I call my dad he will always answer the phone because he wants to hear my voice. Like our Father in Heaven I is always willing to answer out phone calls.

So, like me you’re asking “What can I do?” Easy, call the person you have been avoiding. There may be a purpose of why they called. If you spend hours talking to them, that is awesome. Which is worse, to lose a couple of hours of your life to talk to someone and rekindle a broken relationship or to lose a relationship and trust all together?

God has our best interests at heart. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

God does not make average people, only the world does.

While talking to my mentor and my oldest friend, he was telling me about a post he read on Facebook. The post asked “I'm ok with the understanding that I am average”. This broke my heart because we are not average. The Creator of the universe didn't create average people. In the book the Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren, he states that we are born by God’s purpose and for his purpose.

In Galatians 5:15 Paul writes “But if you are always biting and devouring one another, watch out! Beware of destroying one another.”

To call someone average we would be calling them insignificant in God’s eyes’.
If we look at people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Martin Luther we see that at first before they did all their amazing things they were only specks in God’s eye. Robert Frost wrote in the poem The Road not Taken “I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Martin Luther understood the importance about the two roads and knew what the world said and knew what God said. A person after God’s heart is a person that understands righteousness. Should we let the world tell us that we are nothings? People always say to not put all your eggs in one basket, but with God we can give everything to Him. Even if we look at the great king David, he began as a shepherd boy. God had planned him to do great things for Israel. The world does not see the plans God has for the people he created.