Thursday, November 14, 2013

Does God have caller ID?

The history of caller ID was to ignore calls from unwanted people. I am heartbroken to admit that I use caller ID and will not answer some calls from people because I have nothing to say to them. I remember people telling me that they didn’t want to answer a call from them because they were about something they did or said to or about them in the past.  

When we pray to God, it is that same as calling God on our spiritual cell phone. If you can put yourself in God shoes for a second, think about how you feel when someone calls you over and over again nonstop. Our reaction to that would be to blow them off, be made at them, get mad at them, ignore them, and in the words of one of my friends put them on the “list”. Now the difference is when we get a call we answer with an “Aw dang, now what?” or a “What does this person want now?”, but when God gets our prayers He answers first with a “Yes!!!!” then says “*Fill in your name* is calling me and wants my help.” God answers our phone calls sometimes like Yoda from the Star Wars series, but when we pray he hears us and wants to help us like any parent would.

My father is a great man. Once, he drove from Toledo to Houston in one weekend at the request of my sister. He drove a car to my sister and traded cars with her because her car did not pass the state inspection of Texas. If you ever called my dad for help he would not stop until the problem was fixed.

A father wants to hear the voice of his children. I know when I call my dad he will always answer the phone because he wants to hear my voice. Like our Father in Heaven I is always willing to answer out phone calls.

So, like me you’re asking “What can I do?” Easy, call the person you have been avoiding. There may be a purpose of why they called. If you spend hours talking to them, that is awesome. Which is worse, to lose a couple of hours of your life to talk to someone and rekindle a broken relationship or to lose a relationship and trust all together?

God has our best interests at heart. 

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